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The Personal Lines Growth Alliance (PLGA), comprised of dedicated supporters of the Independent Agency System, oversees an education, communications and leadership campaign to increase the personal lines market share of independent insurance agents and brokers.

This campaign aims to reintroduce the versatile and attractive personal lines product line to independent agents by:

  1. Enhancing independent agency awareness, understanding and appreciation of the opportunity in the $235+ billion annual personal lines market—with some $150 billion of that total (comprising $20 billion in potential commission) today not written by independents.

  2. Promoting the attractive financial opportunities, long-term value, and stability of personal lines products to independent agency owners.

  3. Demonstrating technology, sales practices and operational efficiencies that allow the independent agent to be both price competitive and service superior in the personal lines marketplace.

  4. Leveraging various case studies and business models to illustrate to independent agents that there are various paths available to grow personal lines (e.g. payroll-deduction software and carrier co-op funds).

  5. Helping agents shift to a proactive sales approach (“hunter” mentality) to aggressively seek personal lines customers.

  6. Documenting threats posed by emerging personal lines competitors, such as payroll companies.

Members of the Alliance include carriers, agents, brokers, consultants, trade associations, technology user groups, software vendors, and others committed to improving the market share of the Independent Agency System.

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