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How Technology & Service Drive Carrier Choice in Personal Lines

Back in April I read an article online by National Underwriter’s Bob Hyle – The Great Equalizer: Technology for Personal Lines - on a study conducted by Novarica that looked at the top technologies being used by personal lines carriers. It was an interesting report but it occurred to me that what if the flip side didn’t [...]

Plan Your Route to Personal Lines Profits

Since joining PLGA, I’ve talked with lots of different people about what it takes to grow their particular agency’s share of the Personal Lines market. Depending on their perspective, the list varies greatly from more competitive markets to shifting internal culture from service to sales to assisting with CSR scripts, and everything in between. Occasionally, [...]

What Have You Heard Lately?

I recently read an article called 3 Social Media Band-aids for Your Broken Business Model that drives home two points that I’ve been talking about for some time that bare repeating. First, as the title of this post infers, you no longer control your brand. You can still have a significant impact and help shape [...]

How do you define “Easy to do business with”?

PLGA is partnering with Novarica on a new survey of agency personnel on the technologies you find important from your carriers. What are the online features of your top insurers? Your responses will be used in aggregate only to help insurers understand agents’ viewpoints on various elements of distribution technology. Your individual responses will not be [...]

Jobs Recovery Numbers Bodes Well for Personal Lines

The recent news stories about the tenth of a point drop in the unemployment rate to 8.8 percent and the growth in jobs added in the month of March is, according to some, a sign that the U.S. economy is “kicking” into gear. I have seen signs myself of at least a perceived improvement in [...]

Millennials Set the Expectation for Service

I recently read an article in the Wall St. Journal about how teenagers are building traditional summer-time jobs into not-so small businesses. The kids down the block washing cars or mowing lawns for the summer to earn some spending money are now your newest entrepreneurs. Who’s the Boss? When Jobs Are Scarce, the Kids Are [...]

There’s Great Harmony Happening

If you’ve ever heard a great a cappella group perform, the harmonies that serenade you are amazing. It is a perfect example of when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The famous Wiffenpoofs from Yale University are a great example of this. Yale University’s Wiffenpoofs Another great example is when I [...]

PLGA Presentation at AUGIE Meeting – Feb. 18, 2011

PLGA presentation to AUGIE 2-18-11 Download the presentation first, then follow along with these comments. PLGA Presentation at AUGIE Meeting – Talking Points SLIDE 1 The Personal Lines Growth Alliance is one year old this month. I’ve been executive director since September and can honestly say this is the right time for this organization. SLIDE [...]

It’s Not Either/Or But Rather Both/And

My 12 year old son just loves his X-Box 360 console and long before the next greatest, “got to have” game is released, he pines over it, talking incessantly about how he can’t wait for it. He goes online and reads insider reviews of the game, checks his current issue of Game Informer magazine for [...]

What Was Old Is New Again!

I started my career as a journalist for the National Underwriter Life Edition and as the life agent beat reporter I remember writing a number of articles encouraging agents to “cross sell” their life clients on home and auto coverages. Back in those days, it was always touted that life insurance had to be “sold” [...]