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How Technology & Service Drive Carrier Choice in Personal Lines

Photo on 2010 05 05 at 12.34 How Technology & Service Drive Carrier Choice in Personal Lines

Back in April I read an article online by National Underwriter’s Bob Hyle – The Great Equalizer: Technology for Personal Lines - on a study conducted by Novarica that looked at the top technologies being used by personal lines carriers. It was an interesting report but it occurred to me that what if the flip side didn’t match up? I mean what if agents were looking for other technologies and services from carriers than what carriers were focused on?

So, I contacted Karlyn Carnahan, insurance principal, Novarica and the point person on the study I read about. When we talked we agreed that it would be good to look at the similar issues from the agent’s perspective. Thus the PLGA Novarica study was born.

The survey, which received about a 20% participation by PLGA members, concluded over the summer and results were tabulated. I just posted a podcast with Karlyn where she presented some of the findings and we announced this morning a webinar for December 8th at 2PM ET where we’ll go into a full presentation of the findings.

I’ve been a member of and participant at both ACT and AUGIE meeting for many years and I’m always hearing from the agents in the room how important it is to have a single workflow that has at its foundation, the agency management system. It’s always made sense to me. The idea of having to go to different carrier websites, logging in and out in order to place business, make inquiries, etc. has never seemed the best workflow efficiency. So it was a bit of a surprise when one of the findings from the study showed that CSRs preferred, by a majority, to go through a carrier’s portal rather than their own agency management system.

There is more data behind that finding and you can hear about it next week during the webinar. I suspect, however, that a large part of the discrepancy between the study results and the ACT and AUGIE discussions is due to who is doing the talking. I still think working through the agency management system offers the most efficiencies, we just need to get that message across to everyone.

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Title: How Technology & Service Drive Carrier Choice in Personal Lines

Time: 2PM ET

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