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There’s Great Harmony Happening

Photo on 2010 05 05 at 12.34 150x150 Theres Great Harmony Happening

Rick Gilman, Executive Director

If you’ve ever heard a great a cappella group perform, the harmonies that serenade you are amazing. It is a perfect example of when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The famous Wiffenpoofs from Yale University are a great example of this. Yale University’s Wiffenpoofs

Another great example is when I attended a meeting down in Tampa of the AIMS Society, the ACORD User Groups Information Exchange (AUGIE), and Agents Council for Technology (ACT). While there was some wonderful singing taking place during the evening events, the harmonies I heard were in the common purposes, the complementary visions and the camaraderie felt by everyone that attended the joint meeting.

I was fortunate to have been there and had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about PLGA and how we might “harmonize” with the group. The mission of PLGA is very simple: help the independent agency system capture a greater share of the personal lines market. The first step is to “make the case” for the value and importance of personal lines; the second step is to help agents do it.

To my thinking, this second step is NOT about PLGA creating all of these new resources, training guides, webinars, etc., they already exist in organizations like AIMS, AUGIE and ACT plus a whole lot more. But if we can link to them, point to their resources and encourage our members to take advantage of what’s already there, then we’re doing our jobs and making a difference.

That’s why over the coming months, I will be developing on the website harmonies with our peer groups, listing resources, descriptions and links to a whole host of resources for members to tap.

We’re are still moving forward with our The Power of Personal Lines podcast series and have already recorded two of them courtesy of American Agent & Broker magazine and the Agent/Broker channel on the website. To start, we’ll be coming out with a new one every month which (if I can figure out how to insert a podcast player in our website) will be posted over on the left there for you to hear. Archives of PLGA podcasts can always be found on the website.

So, if you have a success story about growing your personal lines business, let me know. If you’re a personal lines-only agency or carrier and would like to share what’s you’re doing to be successful, I would welcome the opportunity to talk. Remember, communications happens when you bring information together with intelligence.

Let’s harmonize!

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