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It’s Not Either/Or But Rather Both/And

IMG 0284 150x150 It’s Not Either/Or But Rather Both/AndMy 12 year old son just loves his X-Box 360 console and long before the next greatest, “got to have” game is released, he pines over it, talking incessantly about how he can’t wait for it. He goes online and reads insider reviews of the game, checks his current issue of Game Informer magazine for any write ups and chats with his friends about what they’ve heard. When it finally arrives, his mother and I know that we won’t be seeing much of him for the next several hours.

When he has finally played enough for that first day, he comes upstairs to share the excitement of it all. I know at some point (usually sooner rather than later), he will have “beaten” it, reaching the highest level, and the game will, like so many others, be relegated to the shelf, no longer a challenge for the master.

Having achieved that level of expertise with the game doesn’t mean he’s bored with it. It just means that the game is now fodder to trade in to the store when the next “got to have” game comes out. It’s gone from a position of great importance to a commodity waiting for the best trade-in value he can get.

Like my son’s gaming attitude, independent agents once looked on personal lines business as very valuable and a great way to incorporate themselves into the community. Over time, PL value has been relegated to that of a commodity; not important to the agent’s business, not worth the effort to sell it for the little return, and certainly not as exciting as commercial lines accounts.

But that’s when the opportunities are lost. When agents can only see personal lines marketing in the same way their fathers did; when agents let a lizard or caveman dictate their business decisions; or when agents believe it’s an “either/or” and not the “both/and” choice that it should be.

Independent agents are letting billions of dollars in commissions slip through the cracks by not aggressively going after the personal lines market. The Alliance is here to show you how to “spackle” those cracks closed and keep more of that business from going to the direct writers and captive agents.

Keep an eye out for information about our new podcast series – The Power of Personal Lines. We want to bring you the tools you need to succeed. Hearing from successful agents that focus on PL and how they did it, could be some valuable advice. Let us know what’s missing; stay in touch.

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