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Using Video to Communicate Your Message

Author: Rick Morgan, Vice President, New Media, Aartrijk

One of the “promises” of social networking is that it can be used to improve communication with customers and prospects, as well as, build and strengthen trusted relationships. Yet, very few are using perhaps one of the most effective social web tools to deliver on the promise – Video. Like it or not, in many ways we are living in a “post literate” society. We use symbols, avatars and icons to convey information. Rather than read a newspaper we get our news from TV and now more than ever from video on YouTube. We use Video to, inform, train and educate and of course entertain. That is, lots of people would rather watch than read. 

So, why not use video to convey your message? It doesn’t need to be complicated. Using something as simple as a Flip video camera will do the trick. Check out these agents who are successfully using video to reach their audience and communicate their message.

Atlanta Insurance Live
Holmes Murphy
Albany Insurance Professional
Rey Insurance
Crescenta Valley Insurance

Also, here are a couple of general resources you might find useful.

42 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Business
6 Ways To Use Video As A Small Business Owner

Are you using video? If so, please comment and leave your website information.

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