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Management In the Digital World: 6 Rs

Guest Blogger: Dave Willis, Senior Associate, Aartrijk

willis dave 150x150 Management In the Digital World: 6 RsOur industry is chock full of organizations. That’s because information sharing is so vital to success in the insurance business. Social networking presents a great opportunity to share information and engage clients and prospects. But social networking requires management oversight and attention beyond the actual use of the tools. AIMS Society is helping its members recognize this and respond.

trans Management In the Digital World: 6 RsChartered as The Firemark Society (how many new insurance professionals know the relevance of this?), AIMS (American Insurance Marketing & Sales) Society is now helping agents and brokers build expertise in today’s digital world. The group’s executive director, Kitty Ambers, recently spelled out six management Rs that agency trans Management In the Digital World: 6 Rsprincipals should consider as they work to capitalize on social media and other online marketing activities:

Retool: Make sure internal processes and brand touch points support Web-centric, customer-focused marketing.
Retrain: Be certain employees understand the tools and changes that their use brings about. Moreover, be ready to handle change.
Recruit: Don’t expect to succeed by making the agency’s electronic marketing strategy a solo endeavor.
Respond: Understand and be ready to quickly serve the unique—okay, different—needs of today’s buyers.
Recognize: When things—and people—are working as they should, recognize and reward achievement.
Rethink: As Deming taught, PDCA. Monitor, assess and be ready to change or leverage for greater success.

A number of opportunities exist to help agents and brokers move forward on these management factors. Implementing Real Time and making use of training offered by agency management system user groups can support organizational retooling. ACORD’s POWER of Change training can help with retraining and change management. Aartrijk Brand Camp obviously is one that we recommend.

There’s another new resource: AIMS Society’s new IMIM (Insurance Media Internet Marketing) professional designation, along with its Agency Internet Bootcamp offerings. These can help with implementation strategies. Other resources, including those from agent associations and the Agents Council for Technology, also can help.

What has your organization done to support implementation of a social marketing strategy? What do you need to move forward?

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