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Now Is The Time

Author:  Steve Brooks, President, SBIS

brooks steve thumb 150x150 Now Is The TimeThe moment is here for the Independent Agency Channel. Let’s take back some personal lines market share!

Sure, independent agents may continue to maintain commercial lines market share—but the market is in for some substantial shrinkage, and this could last for several years. Shrinking receipts, payrolls, auto fleets, inventory, etc. will negatively affect commercial premiums, at least until this worldwide economic mess manages to correct itself.

But regardless of the economic recovery, we independent agents dominate commercial lines—we already handle 80% of it!

So where are we really going to grow? Personal lines—our share there is only 34%.

There never been a better time to take advantage of the value and stability in the personal lines space.

An effective alliance effort will benefit us independent agents and our superb business partners: carriers, vendors and trade associations. Let’s work together to capture a larger piece of the total $230 billion in personal lines premium. We know we are the best value proposition for the consumer!

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